in     by Andy McDermott 04-10-2016

It may be stating the obvious but the key to passing the driving test is PREPARATION!!! But how best to prepare? Certainly on road practice is essential but what else can you do?

All candidates go into the test as relatively inexperienced drivers as drivers gather experience over time. So what do we do when faced with a new driving situation on the test itself? Panic is clearly not an option but in the absence of experience make sure you are well versed with the Highway Code. You studied hard to gain the knowledge to pass the theory test but when do you need to call upon this knowledge?
Whenever you drive! If you haven't picked it up recently then click on the link for a free read of the Highway Code
The Highway Code is there to keep you safe (the shoulds and should nots)and of course legal (the MUSTs and the MUST NOTS!)

Do you know what to expect? The last thing you want to find is there was something you didn't realise was some detail of you weren't aware of (I will of course outline how the test is conducted and indeed you will be mock tested!) so click on the link to a answer any possible queries

And don't forget if you still have any further queries PLEASE ask your instructor!

Drive safely now