Lower your fleet costs by reducing accidents in your driver workforce

The rising cost of accidents to fleet companies

Of the thousands of road traffic accidents (RTAs) that occur every year on our busy roads, a growing number involve employed drivers during working hours.

According to the Royal Society of Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), 95% of these incidents are caused by driver error, often as a result of fatigue, speeding or driving without due care and attention. If you are a fleet employer, keeping your risk of accidents to a minimum not only makes your drivers safer but can significantly reduce your costs.

How we can help you reduce your fleet costs

Apart from the physical injuries to valued driving staff that can occur in an accident, the annual cost of avoidable accidents to your company's finances (and public image) can be severe. It makes sense, then, to try to lower your company's risk of a RTA, particularly if you employ many drivers and have many vehicles to maintain and insure.

This is where AMC Driving Solutions can help. Through our professional driver training courses, specially designed for commercial drivers, we can ensure your driving staff are significantly less likely to be involved in accidents. This can potentially save your company thousands of pounds every year in fuel, vehicle maintenance costs and insurance premiums.

Whether you are a fleet operator with many vehicles or a smaller company that employs only a handful of drivers, AMC Driving Solutions can help reduce your risk and save you money. Through our specialist training programme, we can help to:

  • Make your employees safer drivers. 
  • Significantly reduce their risk of a RTA. 
  • Reduce your vehicle maintenance costs.
  • Reduce your annual fuel costs by up to 10%. 
  • Lower your vehicle insurance premiums. 

Protection against avoidable RTAs

At AMC Driving Solutions, we are confident that our four hour driving assessment programme (from a qualified fleet trainer) will make your drivers safer. This not only protects the public and your drivers against avoidable RTAs, but improves your company's productivity, efficiency and public image, too. Moreoever, substantial savings can be made on fuel, insurance and vehicle maintenance costs.

To find out more about how we can help you and your company, please just get in touch.