Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme (Midas)

Does my organisation require Midas training?

Anyone driving a minibus should complete some form of regular training assessment. Driving a minibus differs in many ways from driving a car, yet many school minibus drivers have never received professional training because they passed their test before January 1997 and have the D1 category on their licence. While these drivers may legally be able to drive your school minibus, it is recommended that they complete the MiDAS training every three years to refresh and update their knowledge and enhance their skills.

While having a MiDAS certificate confirms that you have been professionally risk assessed it is not an entitlement to drive a minibus. If you do not hold a D1 category on your driving license then you will need to pass your D1 driving test. If you require D1 training then we can advise you on how to go about passing the D1 test.

Do I need a D1 on my driver license?

There is one form of mini bus that a driver who passed their test after January 1997 drivers may be entitled to drive which is the "Minibus lite" for more information

Examples of Minibus lite are Peugeot Boxer 2.0L HDI 130. This vehicle has 16 passenger seats and is under 3500kgs with an automatic sidestep. There are versions fitted with a Lite2Go wheelchair ramp and one fitted with wheelchair access and removeable seats. These are fitted with 17 passenger seats.

NOTE: At first glance they look almost identical to most minibuses so don’t be fooled by appearances! You must be certain it is the driver’s responsibility to know you are entitled to drive. Driving a vehicle that you are not entitled to drive is an offence and in the event of a collision you will not be insured (Section 87 of the road traffic act).

Benefits of the MIdas training course

  • Confidence - with increased knowledge and practical on road training.
  • Insurance – some insurance companies recognise that MIDAS approved drivers will be at lower risk and may offer a discount.
  • Reputation - An organisation’s reputation is at stake with every journey made by one of your drivers. Safer drivers enhance your organisation’s image and reputation.
  • Accreditation - Drivers who successfully completed the MiDAS assessment and training programme will receive a nationally recognised certificate valid for four years There is also the option of obtaining the "MiDAS Driver's Handbook".

Your commitment

Organisations joining MiDAS will be required to make the following commitment:

  • To assess and train all new drivers to the MiDAS standard from the date of joining.
  • To assess and train all existing drivers within a period of 12 months from that date (this may be extended in exceptional circumstances).
  • To allow drivers holding MiDAS certificates issued by other organisations, to drive your minibuses without the need for re-assessment - although local insurance conditions will always have to be fulfilled, and vehicle familiarisations undertaken.

Further information

Call Andy on 07957566690 for all the information you need regarding the on road and classroom training (we will supply presentation and presentation equipment) and our course availability and costs. Our prices are very competitive and offer the high standards of service that you would expect from a MIDAS approved trainer.