B+E update 16th September '21

As many will now be aware B Plus E tests will cease on 20th September. As things stand there will no longer be a requirement to pass a test which would entitle a driver of a Cat B license to tow a trailer weighing up to 3500kg. This a measure taken by the DVSA to allow more LGV tests available.

While this has come a major disappointment for us and indeed our colleagues in the driver training industry it would seem that we have little choice but to accept the situation. The DVSA do however strongly advise that for those who will not have to pass a test that they undertake some formal training from an experienced trainer. We at AMC Driver Training would wholeheartedly agree with this as there are many benefits:

  • A greater understanding of the rules when towing on the public road to help you stay legal.
  • How to adjust your driving when towing a trailer in terms of road positioning, approaching and emerging from junctions, roundabouts, traffic lights and stopping allowing for the additional weight.
  • How to achieve greater fuel efficiency and less wear and tear to your towing vehicle.
  • How to reverse your trailer into a limited space.
  • Advice on loading your trailer to maintain maximum safety and stability.
  • How to uncouple and recouple your trailer safely.

All I can say is a big thank you to the many satisfied customers who have completed their training with us and have passed their B Plus E test and indeed those who simply wanted to gain towing experience. You will have enjoyed all of the benefits that training will give you for the long term. I firmly believe that your investment for the training will be recouped by the obvious benefits of safety and reduced running costs.

For a full update on the changes to towing a trailer as at 16th September please click on the links below –

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