Booking your theory/hazard perception test

The Hazard Perception test is the second part of the DVLA theory test, which all learner drivers must pass in order to be granted a full UK driving licence.

Please remember that like for any test preparation is the key! Of course you can purchase any number of apps and CDs and practice hundreds (if not thousands!) of questions and numerous hazard perception clips. Just remember that the minimum pass mark for the theory test is currently 43 out of 50 and 44 out of a possible 75. You must pass BOTH tests to earn your theory test certificate. If you fail either one of the tests you will have to retake the test and pass them BOTH again!

While DVSA approved learning aids are highly recommended I urge anyone taking the theory test to read the entire Highway Code from cover to cover at least once! This will provide a greater depth of knowledge which is essential for safe driving for life. The Highway Code can be purchased in many forms such as Apps, CDs , hard copy or FREE online. To view or download the free online version click on -

How to book/manage your test

When you feel you are ready to take the theory test you can book online at the approved DVSA site which currently costs £25. Please DO NOT book on an unofficial booking site as they will probably charge more than the correct fee and the service may well be inferior. The following links will enable you to book your theory test for the correct fee and how to manage your theory test in the event of the need to rearrange your test -


Vehicle check or Show me tell me questions

Part of the practical test will involve will include being required to answer 2 questions out of a possible 19. Failure to answer both questions correctly will result in a minor fault before you have even driven the car! As part of the curriculum your instructor will go over the questions before your test showing how to make basic but essential vehicle checks under the bonnet and ancillary controls and any other questions that may be asked by the examiner. We also strongly recommend that you read up the questions which are available on the the following link -

The practical test

When you are ready to take the practical test we strongly recommend that you use the DVSA site to book your theory online. The practical test currently costs £62. Other booking sites may well charge a higher price for the same test so it makes sense to use the official DVSA site. Click on the following links to book your practical test and manage your test if you need to rearrange the test -