Towing rules & towing law

It is vitally important that the driver understand the legal requirements for towing for your safety and the safety of others. In addition you need to know that you will avoid points, fines and insurance issues. By clicking on the link below you will go to DVSA website which will provides links to towing rules and laws  -

About the trailer test

For information regarding the test and how to book the trailer test online you can click on the following link.

Rearranging your trailer test

If for any reason the test needs to be reschedule the following link will tell you what you need to do -

Vehicle check/show me tell me questions for the B + E trailer test

In addition to the uncoupling/recoupling and driving element on the practical test you will also be required to answer 5 vehicle check questions all of which must be answered correctly. Failure to do so will result in a minor driver fault. The link below will provide the question bank of all the possible vehicle check questions -